About Us


Clarges Consulting partners is a global brand development firm pioneering a faster, better way for BRITISH  brands to access highly coveted international markets, with an immediate focus on the Middle East. The world is brand-obsessed and consumers want “British “  products today. We are focused on creating significant new revenue streams by monetizing idle brand value in a region with very strong consumer demand ready to embrace new trends, youthful, growing and star-performing British  brands. We provide immediate exposure and footprint for brands translating into sizable economic value. We are the next generation of global citizens, building a “highway” for the introduction of our best brands into the Middle East.

“Our Values are to define your global strategy!”

At Clarges Consulting Partners, we strive to use our imagination and to innovate with our clients who wish to explore the surging new markets around the world. Clarges Consulting Partners has a seasoned network of professional partners who understand these new retail markets and who know the entities in these markets with the financial, operational and practical experience to be viable long term strategic partners for Western companies.

Most importantly, we know which potential partners are committed to the notions of transparency, fair dealing and the rule of law, and we know what structures work best in different cultures.

Outbound from the West:  For brands emanating from North America and Europe in the retail, luxury, fashion, and food and beverage sectors, Clarges Partners can serve as a gateway to identify and engage the best strategic partners in the surging and emerging markets.  Our partners and strategic affiliates have visibility into the evolving appetites of global consumers, and they understand what brands work in regional markets.

Inbound from the Surging Markets: For foreign companies interested in aligning with brands and partners in North America and Europe, we provide access and introductions to strategic partners, affiliates, licensees and distributors.  Our partners in the U.S, Canada, the UK and Continental Europe see a constant pipeline of new and emerging brands across the retail sectors.

At Clarges Consulting Partners, we have unparalleled access to the executive leadership of most major brands and consumer product companies in the West and to the political, corporate and diplomatic leadership of the major surging and developing markets.

“Our values are to define your global vision through imagination and innovation”


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