In today’s world maintaining a dynamic and growing economy requires engagement on a global platform. Private enterprises must be active ¬†cross border on the global stage if they are to remain vibrant and dynamic. For western companies, such engagement requires aggressive entry into the surging markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India and China. In these markets over 200 million new middle class consumers will emerge in the next decade.

At Clarges consulting partners we bring seasoned skill and The knowledge to identify the entities in the surging markets with the financial, operational and practical experience to be viable long term strategic partners for western companies. Most importantly, we know which potential partners are committed to the notions of transparency and we also know what structures work best in different cultures.

For brands emanating from Europe, America and Asia in the retail and Food and Beverage sectors, Clarges Consulting Partners serves as a gateway to identify and engage with the best strategic partners in the surging and emerging markets. We have the strategic network into the evolving appetites of global consumers and we also understand which brands work in specific territories.

For foreign companies interested in aligning with brands and Partners in Europe, we provide access and introductions to strategic partners, affiliates, licensees and distributors. Our Network seek a constant pipeline of new brands across the retail and food and beverage sectors.

At Clarges consulting partners we have unparalleled access to the executive leadership of most major brands and consumer product companies and to the corporate leadership of the major surging and developing markets.

At Clarges Consulting Partners “Our values are to define your global strategy”